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Junior League Division 1 Fixtures
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Day Date Home Team v Away Team Start Time Post Code Referee
Sat 16-Mar Flixton ** v Dukinfield Marlins 7.15 M41 5RR John Hallwood
Tue 19-Mar Ramsbottom v Chadderton 7.45 BL0 0PT George Wynne
Mon 25-Mar Chadderton v Atherton & Leigh 7.30 OL9 0JW John Bennett
Thur 25-Apr Atherton & Leigh v Duk/Flix 8.15 WN7 4JY David Collins
Thur 02-May Atherton & Leigh v Ramsbottom 8.15 WN7 4JY George Wynne
Thur 02-May Dukinfield Marlins * v Bury & Elton 8.00 M34 3GU John Bennett
Fri 10-May Bury & Elton v Radcliffe 8.15 BL9 0EZ David Collins
Fri 07-Jun Bury & Elton v Atherton & Leigh 8.15 BL9 0EZ David Collins
Sat 15-Jun Flixton ** v Rad/Chad 7.15 M41 5RR  
Tue 25-Jun Radcliffe *** v Ramsbottom 7.45 BL9 0EZ George Wynne
Tue 25-Jun Ramsbottom *** v Bury & Elton 7.45 BL9 0EZ John Bennett
Thur 27-Jun Dukinfield Marlins * v Chadderton 8.00 M34 3GU Caroline Horton
Tue 09-Jul Ramsbottom v Flixton 7.45 BL0 0PT John Bennett
Fri 06-Sep Bury & Elton v Flixton 8.15 BL9 0EZ George Wynne
Tue 17-Sep Radcliffe v A&L/Duk 7.45 BL9 0EZ John Bennett
Mon 23-Sep Chadderton v B&E/Rad 7.30 OL9 0JW George Wynne
Thur 03-Oct Dukinfield Marlins * v Ramsbottom 8.00 M34 3GU  
* Dukinfield Marlins home fixtures are at Denton
** Flixton's home fixtures are at Stretford
*** double header at Bury
Referees subject to confirmation